In this fast-paced digital marketplace, understanding your customers is key to staying competitive. For e-shop owners, online surveys have emerged as an indispensable tool, providing crucial insights into customers’ experiences, preferences, and needs. This customer-centric approach helps refine products, services, and overall customer journey based on real-time feedback. Let’s take a closer look at values that online surveys and automated feedback collection deliver to businesses in the e-commerce landscape.

Enhance delivery experience

By soliciting customer feedback on aspects like delivery speed, packaging, product condition, and communication, e-shop owners can identify areas for refinement and maintain practices that customers appreciate. The immediacy of automated feedback collection ensures fresh and relevant responses. Improve delivery experience to increase customer satisfaction, repeat purchases, and boost success of your business.

Reduce customer churn

Online surveys and automated feedback help online store owners identify dissatisfaction factors like product quality, pricing, customer service, delivery experience, or website usability, enabling them to address issues before they lead to customer churn. Capture customer insights in real-time to make data-driven decisions that will enhance customer satisfaction, strengthen customer relationships and sustain business growth.

Identify reasons for lacking sales

E-shop owners can proactively prevent potential sales drops by collecting insights into customer preferences, product offerings, price sensitivity, e-shop navigation, and the overall online shopping experience. Conduct regular NPS surveys and address discovered issues to optimize business practices, nurture satisfied customers and maintain consistent sales growth, fostering a more successful and resilient e-commerce business.

Understand why visitors leave the e-shop

Surveys serve as an effective tool online vendors use to prevent visitors from leaving their store. These insights shed light on such aspects as e-shop design and navigation, product descriptions, pricing, checkout process, etc. Respond to e-shop evaluation feedback promptly to improve online shopping experience, engage visitors to complete their purchase and grow your revenue.

Refine pricing strategy

Customer feedback enables e-shop owners to understand how customers perceive the value of their products and thus gauge their willingness to pay. Questions related to comparative pricing and the value of different product features can help discern what customers value most. Gather large-scale data across the customer journey and align product pricing with customers’ perceived value to enhance satisfaction and boost sales.

Optimize purchase process

With automated online surveys implemented in e-commerce workflow, e-shop owners get regular insights into the site navigation, product search and selection, checkout process, and payment options from a visitor’s perspective. Streamline the entire purchase process to follow customer shopping trends, improve their satisfaction, reduce cart abandonment, increase retention and overall business profitability.

Improve shopping experience

Positive shopping experience is a key to successful e-commerce business. Immediate feedback can help e-shop owners analyze customer buying habits and make proper adjustments to the shopping environment and its processes. Encourage customers to complete their purchase, increase their engagement and average order value of the purchased goods. Enhance your brand reputation and ensure long-term business growth.

Find a product market fit

Direct customer feedback enables online vendors to understand emerging trends, stay competitive, and make data-driven decisions about product development or modification. Survey your potential customers to identify gaps in the market and indicate how well your product aligns with customer expectations. Use the insights to tailor your product marketing strategy, increase customer retention and sales figures.

Expand your portfolio

Online surveys can significantly aid e-shop owners in identifying emerging trends, and potential new product ideas that align with their target market. Feedback on an existing portfolio can also inspire new variants, add-ons, or related products. Collect useful insights to know your customer needs and meet their preferences. Expand your product range accordingly to increase the likelihood of purchase and revenue growth.

Streamline communication with customers

Effective communication with customers is crucial for online merchants as it enhances the overall customer experience through clear, timely, and efficient exchanges. It can be considered one of the competitive advantages, which above all helps build trust and loyalty. Act on feedback and tailor your communication strategies, enhance customer satisfaction and engagement, improve retention, and boost sales.

Elevate customer support

Utilizing insights from online surveys, e-shop owners can track customer experience with the support team, assess communication quality, measure issue resolution effectiveness, response time and other benchmarks. Collect feedback regularly, compare the progress over time and work towards maximum customer satisfaction, enhanced loyalty, positive reviews and growing business.

Boost employee productivity

By seeking feedback from employees, e-commerce businesses gain insights into internal operations and identify areas for improvement. Employee surveys can uncover bottlenecks, inefficient processes, or areas of dissatisfaction that might hinder employee motivation and engagement. Use online surveys to gauge employee satisfaction, identify workplace challenges, reveal skill gaps, optimize workflow and drive productivity.

Measure employee happiness

Online surveys help online store owners, management members and individual team leaders collect feedback on employee satisfaction, work environment, and interpersonal relationships, while providing insight into their needs and concerns. Create a healthy workplace culture, improve communication, and provide benefits that will motivate your employees, increase their loyalty, productivity and overall happiness.


In conclusion, automated feedback collection is an invaluable tool for data-driven decision-making in e-commerce. By harnessing this technology, e-shop owners can enhance customer retention, boost sales, and ultimately drive their business growth. Leveraging automated feedback collection not only streamlines operations but also elevates the shopping experience to new heights, making it a pivotal strategy for online stores looking to thrive in a fiercely competitive digital landscape.

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