Do you conduct surveys frequently and regularly? Do you need to have a system in your surveys? From now, it is possible to create various folders in Survio to clearly sort out all surveys. Organize them according to time period, topic, or with regard to particular departments or local offices for which they are intended. Let’s take a look at how organization of survey folders works in Survio.

Practical example of use

Linda works as an HR officer in a mid-size company that has more than 10 subsidiaries. She carries out a number of surveys among employees, so she needs to keep individual departments separately and share results after response evaluation. Her task is also to get feedback from the surroundings of their company regarding the way people view it as a potential employer

These are the reasons why Linda creates many surveys that she shares with respondents and monitors results in real time. In the last year alone, she has built dozens of surveys. In addition, she sends out some of the surveys repeatedly to keep track of how the results change over time.

The need to organize data prompted her to create various folders named after respective survey groups.

  • satisfaction survey subsidiary Prague 2021,
  • satisfaction survey subsidiary Prague 2020,
  • satisfaction survey subsidiary Brno 2021,
  • satisfaction survey subsidiary Brno 2020,
  • company survey – employee satisfaction with training courses,
  • company survey – employee satisfaction with top management,
  • company survey – employee satisfaction with benefits, etc.

She has also created a folder Public poll to store research data on how their company is perceived by the public from a close neighborhood.

Linda saves each survey meticulously in an appropriate folder, so she always knows exactly where to look. It makes her work comfortable and her orientation in different kinds of research projects is much easier.

Insight into Survio platform – organizing folders

Watch this footage to learn how to keep your surveys organized by means of a folder structure.



Create your own surveys and start gathering data systematically, just the way HR officer Linda does. Detailed information on how to use Survio platform can be found in our Help center. Do you require a more general input related to surveys? Browse through our blog.

Organizing folders



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